Hearthstone.fi Monday Night Community Tournament #50

Game: Hearthstone Starts: Mon, Nov 9th 2015, 19:00 Ends: Tue, Nov 10th 2015, 01:00

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The fiftieth community tournament from www.hearthstone.fi and www.fraktio.fi for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft!


Hearthstone.fi Monday Night Community Tournament #50 is the Finnish community site's fiftieth weekly tournament open for any nationalities with an EU account.You need to add your nationality from your Dashboard --> Edit your informationYou also need to add your battletag from Dashboard --> Add game.


The tournament has 128 spots and 50 Euros in prize money. The tournament starts at 18:00 CET and check-ins open one hour in advance.


All communication during the tournament will be handled on QuakeNet's channel #hearthstone.fi.tms. If you don't own an IRC client of your own, you can join the channel via this link on your browser: QuakeNet webchatPlease join the channel one hour before the tournament starts and keep the channel open at all times!


The tournament will be played Monday the 9th of November.




The tournament is played on the EU server.

Just create an account for the site and then press the "Sign up" button located at the top right corner. Guide to reporting results is here: IMAGE GUIDE

Check-ins start one hour before the tournament. The first 128 people to check in will get the spots to participate. The check-in button will appear by the sign-in button.


Do note: You will report results on this site, not on the URL mentioned in the images. Only the winner reports results. Please use the upload space to upload the screenshot of your win. Uploading the screenshot is mandatory. You are required to report the classes used.




A single-elimination bracket, with round structure as follows:

  • 128-8 players: BO3
  • Semi-Finals and up: BO5



50€ for the winner, paid via PayPal or traditional bank transfer.




The tournament uses the new Blizzard-created format called Conquest. You will use 3 different decks from 3 different classes (3 decks altogether, no zoo lock and handlock at the same time etc.). The first player to win 2 or 3 games within the match (depending on the format) is considered the winner of the match and advances. A player must win the games with unique decks to win the match. This means that when a player wins a game, the deck used by the winning player cannot be used for the remainder of the match. The losing player can keep the same deck used or switch to a different one of their choice.

You are not allowed to leave the challenge screen during a match.


You are only allowed to play the chosen 3 decks for the duration of the whole tournament.

A disconnect is considered a loss.

The winning player is required to take a screenshot of the winning screen and upload it when reporting results.

If a player has not shown up within 10 minutes of game starting time, they will automatically forfeit their game. This timer is 15 minutes during the first round.

In case of a draw, both players win and have to pick new decks to play with. If the game was the deciding one for the match, the game will be replayed using the same heroes.


Do note: You are not required to submit decklists or hero picks in advance or to your opponent before matches.

To read more about the format, go here.




All games from semi-finals onward will be broadcast on our twitch.tv channel (http://www.twitch.tv/olodyn/), any players at this stage in the tournament must accept the caster's friend request and wait for their confirmation to begin playing. This includes both semi-finals and the final.

All players are also allowed to stream their own games at any stage of the tournament, with a minimum of 3 minutes of delay. 




All broadcasts from the tournaments are available at YouTube 



Schedule (estimated in CET)

  • Monday, 9th of November
    • 18:00 RO128
    • 19:00 RO64
    • 20:00 RO32
    • 21:00 RO16
    • 22:00 RO8
    • 23:00 Semi-finals
    • 24:00 Final

Do note: All matches are allowed to be played immediately once they become available, unless a result is contested. The schedule is not binding, merely an estimate. Play all matches immediately when available.



During the tournament:

QuakeNet channel #hearthstone.fi.tms joinable with your client or this link:

QuakeNet webchat

If you have any questions, ask them first in the chat channel proper and wait for an admin to respond to your request.

List of admins:



We're looking for more admins. PM Olodyn if you'd like to participate.


Head admin


Markus "Olodyn" Koskivirta

Battle.net: Olodyn#2550

Email: markus.koskivirta at hearthstone.fi

Skype: Markus Koskivirta

IRC: Olodyn@QuakeNet & IRCNet

Name: Bracket
Size: 128

Contestants (135/128)

Sign-ups: 135 | Contestant limit: 128 | Check-in: 115
AgraveiN AgraveiN#2699 [ Check-in ]
Aiafa Aiafa#2222 [ Check-in ]
AllEyesOnMe alleyesonme#2591 [ Check-in ]
anaro Anaro#2270 [ Check-in ]
Angelus Angelus#2776 [ Check-in ]
AnttiTerho AnttiTerho#2145 [ Check-in ]
Arneej Arneej#2809 [ Check-in ]
arsen4es ArSeNNeikO#2756 [ Check-in ]
Bogomol Bogomol#2408 [ Check-in ]
burningtom TommytheDeer#2738 [ Check-in ]
BuseR BuseR#2217 [ Check-in ]
dawido dawido#2832 [ Check-in ]
Daydream Daydream#2988 [ Check-in ]
Deathboose Deathboose#2596 [ Check-in ]
dj666 dj666#2787 [ Check-in ]
Dontstopme Dontstopme#2892 [ Check-in ]
Dragonstorm Dragonstorm.2906 [ Check-in ]
Dysp Dysp#2416 [ Check-in ]
Edoeasy Edoeasy#2663 [ Check-in ]
elf elf#2376 [ Check-in ]
EmpireDrako Drako#1538 [ Check-in ]
Empire_Nazgul Nazgul#1111 [ Check-in ]
Ersee Ersee#2943 [ Check-in ]
Espada_hs Espada#2288 [ Check-in ]
f0rb f0rb#2470 [ Check-in ]
firevlam90 firevlam90#2338 [ Check-in ]
FiZiK FiZiK#2834 [ Check-in ]
fortein fortein#2983 [ Check-in ]
freddykuhl freddykuhl#2233 [ Check-in ]
FrKaKTyCmst FrKaKTyCmst#2767 [ Check-in ]
GrimmjowHS Grimmjow#2605 [ Check-in ]
grizzly grizzly#2891 [ Check-in ]
Gumba Gumba#2989 [ Check-in ]
Gurman Gurman#2135 [ Check-in ]
Guukboii Guukboii#2854 [ Check-in ]
Hallmark Hallmark#2180 [ Check-in ]
hasslieb3 hassliebe#2356 [ Check-in ]
Heibemies Heib#2614 [ Check-in ]
hippaheikki hippaheikki#2950 [ Check-in ]
Huilusoldier Hullusoldier#2313 [ Check-in ]
hyyuyu hyyuyu#2847 [ Check-in ]
Janetzky Janetzky#2644 [ Check-in ]
Jellycrusher Jellycrusher#2480 [ Check-in ]
Johnnyhun Johnny#21967 [ Check-in ]
jon000 jon#2176 [ Check-in ]
Josee Josee#2211 [ Check-in ]
Juristis Juristis#2130 [ Check-in ]
Jutzki Shadow#21538 [ Check-in ]
k0k018 k0k018#2697 [ Check-in ]
Laiffor Laiffor#2826 [ Check-in ]
Leined Leined#2357 [ Check-in ]
LetMeFarM Letmefarm#2663 [ Check-in ]
Liberto Liberto#2283 [ Check-in ]
lidas ХОСЭ#2918 [ Check-in ]
Lightpal Lightpal#2576 [ Check-in ]
Likeabawse Likeaßawse#2626 [ Check-in ]
Lucky Lucky#2917 [ Check-in ]
Marvelious Marvelious#2463 [ Check-in ]
MortalP MortalP#2802 [ Check-in ]
mouzmouz sealhusband#2822 [ Check-in ]
MrCilleman MrCilleman#2929 [ Check-in ]
MrG MrG#2702 [ Check-in ]
MrGood MrGood#2118 [ Check-in ]
mylife294 mylife294#2951 [ Check-in ]
Nefinkas Nefinkas#2186 [ Check-in ]
NickChipper NickChipper#2324 [ Check-in ]
NooxTom NooxTom#2210 [ Check-in ]
notlostdream ШтанУдачи#2202 [ Check-in ]
OneStrikeR StrikeR#2808 [ Check-in ]
opl1vion opl1vion#2623 [ Check-in ]
Ozzmousis Ozzmousis#2342 [ Check-in ]
P0ltergeist P0ltergeist#2295 [ Check-in ]
Pawel16004 Pawel1604#1865 [ Check-in ]
Privet Privet#2989 [ Check-in ]
rago yggdrasil#1365 [ Check-in ]
RainbowBunny RainbowBunny#2792 [ Check-in ]
RandomHS Random#2862 [ Check-in ]
Rexgrip Rexgrip#2815 [ Check-in ]
Roarr Roarr#2906 [ Check-in ]
Romolek Romolek#2668 [ Check-in ]
Ronzuur Ronzuur#2909 [ Check-in ]
Saigelly Saigelly#2751 [ Check-in ]
Sarter Sarter#2145 [ Check-in ]
Shev Shev#2160 [ Check-in ]
Sight Sight#2870 [ Check-in ]
sigma sigma#2284 [ Check-in ]
siostrzon Siostrzon#2304 [ Check-in ]
sketch97 snow#2234 [ Check-in ]
Skyythe Skyythe#2187 [ Check-in ]
Smokie11 barry#2718 [ Check-in ]
Soptrup Soptrup#2328 [ Check-in ]
Ssys Ssys#2546 [ Check-in ]
Suwa Suwa#2317 [ Check-in ]
taeng2 taeng2#31632 [ Check-in ]
technician technician#2614 [ Check-in ]
Tennoji Tenn#2499 [ Check-in ]
Threat Threat#2497 [ Check-in ]
Timyxzx MrTimyxzx#2480 [ Check-in ]
Tungsten Tungsten#2411 [ Check-in ]
TXX TXX#2650 [ Check-in ]
valterka valterka#2457 [ Check-in ]
Vardu Vardu#2836 [ Check-in ]
vilqka vilkata18#2930 [ Check-in ]
Virus Virus#2776 [ Check-in ]
Vonny Vonny#2766 [ Check-in ]
Voodoopipe voodoopipe#2807 [ Check-in ]
votetoB votetoB#2918 [ Check-in ]
Wampie Wampie#2551 [ Check-in ]
weasel weasel#2259 [ Check-in ]
Woven Woven#2427 [ Check-in ]
Xurbaine Xurbaine#2371 [ Check-in ]
yjen GameChink#2231 [ Check-in ]
YukiNumber11 YukiNumber11#2759 [ Check-in ]
Zhanmur Zhanmur#2708 [ Check-in ]
zhou13 zhou13#2243 [ Check-in ]
AlexVenom AlexVenom#2417
berserkci berserkci#2932
bizonww bizonww#2700
buddhacheese buddhacheese#2119
Darteras Darteras#2570
Djuka93 Djuka93#1286
ELBarto ELBarto#2954
ellyndel ellyndel#1496
ezki3le ezki3Le#2233
fadorry Fadorry#2546
kykounet kykounet#2134
LeoMessi LeoMessi#2414
Lyress Lyress#2625
marc2522 marc#2522
Rinonorm Rinonorm#2257
SorroW SorroW#2786
Stingi Stingi#2150
Tnatym Tnatym#2939
zumpp anniuusivirt#2115